What is Greencare

GREENCARE is a Water Soluble Fertilizer Concentrate with a unique combination of special ingredients sourced from fine chemicals of high nutritive value based on internationally accepted formulae. GREENCARE is formulated to provide a balanced supply of the Primary (Nitrogen , Phosphorus & Potassium), Secondary (Calcium, Magnesium & Sulphur) and Chelated micronutrients (Boron, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Molybdenum, Chlorine, Zinc etc.,) along with Vitamins in a readily available form. Absorbed at varying rate by both the foliage and the roots, GREENCARE is suitable for foliar application, drip irrigation and hydroponic culture. The use of GREENCARE in accordance with the application rates given will produce healthy plants with strong stem and root system. Healthy growth and high yield are best achieved using regular low strength application.

The below depiction shows the essential nutrients that the plant requires for a healthy life and how they can be made available to plants through foliar application. The requirement of Oxygen, Carbon and Hydrogen are available in nature. Other elements like Primary (N.P.K), Secondary (Ca, Mg & S) and Micronutrients (B, Cu, Mn, Fe, Mo, Zn, Cl etc. are to be provided through application of approved ingredients in the soluble form.


Horticulture is a very important sector of Indian agriculture. A wide variety of horticulture crops like fruits, vegetables, flowers, vanilla, medicinal plants, spices etc. are cultivated in India for domestic and commercial purpose. But crop yield in most part of India are well below the proven potential. In efficient farming, the increased crop production is possible only through increased productivity per unit area per unit time. This calls for the judicious and effective use of proper blend of all essential nutrients through balanced fertilizers to maintain the soil fertility so that the tempo of growth in agricultural production could be sustained for achieving food and commercial crop production targets. Hence, balanced fertilizer use is inevitable for improving productivity and production of quality crops.

Adoption of modern farming technologies and better crop management strategies are needed in this direction. The use of water soluble fertilizer in modern farming has been proved to be effective in augmenting productivity and farm income. Moreover, foliar application of specified quantity of water soluble fertilizer has been scientifically proved to be more economical than soil application of conventional fertilizers. The use of water soluble fertilizers is very common and popular in developed countries. The balanced combination of water soluble ingredients in GREENCARE are instantly absorbed and acted rapidly on plants resulting in reduced input costs. GREENCARE 30:10:10 is formulated for healthy growth of plants and lush foliage while GREENCARE 13:27:27 is formulated for sustained high yield of quality crops.


Greencare 30:10:10 For healthy growth of plants and lush foliage

  • Greencare stimulates vigorous growth and sprouting
  • Greencare Keeps plant lush, green and healthy with enhancing verdure.
  • Greencare controls premature falling and yellowing of leaves.
  • Greencare increases shoot growth, trunk growth and number of leaves.

“While using Greencare there is no need of using micronutrients
either directly or through other fertilizers.”

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